Hausrath, Double-Fianchetto - The Modern Chess-Lifestyle

Hausrath, Double-Fianchetto - The Modern Chess-Lifestyle
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I became an IM in 1997 and a GM in 2013. Many of my students have asked me when I will start... mehr
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I became an IM in 1997 and a GM in 2013. Many of my students have asked me when I will start writing a book, because they know that I like writing and explaining things. I come from a teaching family; my father was a teacher at a German academic high school and I always loved and still love reading and writing. Nowadays it is no longer easy to find enough silence for reading, because I have three small children between the ages of 3 and 6.

This book is definitely not a book full of theoretical lines. Of course, I will give some advice if possible and necessary. But the main purpose is to explain the structures that can result from double fianchettoed positions. The reader will find five chapters with structures from the white side and six chapters with structures from the black side. The last chapter is a mixed one, with games from both sides. The main — and longest — part will be the first chapter, with games and analyses of my own main weapon starting with Nf3, g3 and b3 against the King’s Indian and Grünfeld. I will show the reader a few games of my own and also games from Kramnik and Andersson, two of my favourite players.

I have learned a lot from their games myself. I have played those structures for nearly 25 years and one of my sons also now starts with 1.Nf3. During my years of playing chess I tried many possible openings with White and Black, but I was only successful with fianchettoing one, or even better both, bishops. Maybe this was a sign and those structures are really a lifestyle for me? I hope you will enjoy reading this book and maybe these structures will also become part of your lifestyle. ~ Daniel Hausrath

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