Suba, The Hedgehog


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Batsford, 2000, 160 Seiten, kart.
It is no accident that the dynamic Hedgehog formation has appealed to some of the most aggressive and interesting players on the tournament circuit, including Garry Kasparov himself. In spite of this there has been very little in the way of good literature on this system until now. Mihai Suba's volume covers all you need to know about this dangerous opening.
By opting for the Hedgehog formation, Black sets up an apparently cramped formation but one which is incredibly tough. White is allowed to take space and set up a seemingly perfect position, but in reality often leaves gaping holes in the rear. This underlying fragility can be exploited with a sudden, devastating counterattack by Black.
Grandmaster Mihai Suba, a former Romanian Champion, is widely acknowledged as an outstanding expert on the Hedgehog. He now lives in Spain.

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