Shipov, The Complete Hedgehog Vol.2

Shipov, The Complete Hedgehog Vol.2
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Contents Introduction to Volume 2 Part 1 The Hedgehog with a Pawn on f3 Section 1.... mehr
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Introduction to Volume 2

Part 1

The Hedgehog with a Pawn on f3

Section 1.

Black's Main Ideas

Chapter 1-1
The Main Ideas of the Structure. The Canonical Setup for Black.
Opening the Center with the Attack ...d6-d5.

Chapter 1-2
The Saemisch Maneuver: Transferring the Bishop to c7.

Chapter 1-3
Fischer's Plan: Raid by the g7-Pawn.

Chapter 1-4
Ljubojevic's Plan: a Diversion by the h7-Pawn.

Section 2.

Active Plans for White

Chapter 2-1
An Early Raid by the a2-Pawn - A Modification of the Classic Plan

Chapter 2-2
Pressure on the d6-Pawn with an Exchange on e5

Chapter 2-3
A Kingside Pawn Assault by White

Chapter 2-4
White Castles Queenside. Assault on the Kingside

Part 2

The Hedgehog with a Bishop on the b1-h7 Diagonal Chapter 1
Sources and General Ideas. The Bishop on b2.

Chapter 2

The c1-Bishop's Wanderings. Variations in White's Structure.

Part 3

The Queen's Indian Hedgehog. Opposite-Side Castling.


Index of Players
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