Shipov, The complete Hedgehog Vol. 1

Shipov, The complete Hedgehog Vol. 1
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The Hedgehog is a thoroughly modern defense where flexibility and understanding trump rote... mehr
Produktinformationen "Shipov, The complete Hedgehog Vol. 1"

The Hedgehog is a thoroughly modern defense where flexibility and understanding trump rote memorization. Using deeply annotated critical games from international practice, GM Sergey Shipov traces the Hedgehog`s development - from its origins as a way to avoid well-trodden paths to its current status as a respected weapon in Black`s armory. The Hedgehog has been adopted by the likes of Tal, Larsen, Adams, Kasparov, Kamsky, and Karpov.

Drawing on decades of experience playing this defense, Shipov has put together much more than a simple opening manual full of variations. The author meticulously explains strategic themes, typical formations, move-order subtleties, and explores the thorny question: Is the Hedgehog a theoretically sound opening - and does that really matter
Along the way, the reader gets to see the mind of a grandmaster hard at work, and is treated to a lesson on one of the most important skills in chess: how to evaluate a position. Shipov shares his approach to chess and life, and his passion for both, in this entertaining, philosophical, and highly readable work.

About the Author
Russian GM Sergey Shipov is a highly respected author and trainer, best known for his live online commentary at top international chess tournaments.


Foreword 4

Introduction 5

The Hedgehog. Its Birth and Development 9

Getting to the Hedgehog Opening Structure 12

The Hedgehog Philosophy 20

Space and Order 25

Evaluating a Position 27

The English Hedgehog

Preface 34

Part 1

Classical Continuation 7. d4 42

Chapter 1-1
History and Pioneers 43

Chapter 1-2
The English Hedgehog Tabiya - 7. d4 cxd4 8. Qxd4 69

Chapter 1-3
White Aims for a Quick Attack on the Pawn at d6 92

Chapter 1-4
Two Plans by Uhlmann 150

Chapter 1-5
Trading Off the Bishop at f6 214

Chapter 1-6
Notes on Move Orders in the 8. d4 System 278

Part 2

The 7. Re1! System 290

Chapter 2-1
First Experiences and Origins of the Theory of the 7. Re1! System 291

Chapter 2-2
Black Castles Early The Canonical Piece Setup 339

Chapter 2-3
The Modern Hedgehog. Sunrise to Sunset 425

Chapter 2-4
The Knight Goes to c6 465

Chapter 2-5
New Ideas in the 7. Re1 System 490

Index of Players 528

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