Kingston (ed.), Heroic Tales:The Best of 96-01


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Russell 2002, 431 Seiten, kartoniert

Edited by Taylor Kingston
If you like chess, Heroic Tales: The Best of 1996-
2001 will be a treasure trove of delight for years to come. From
Bobby Fischer to the financial frolics of the World Chess Federation -
and everything in between, Heroic Tales brings together in one
volume the best modern writing on the game.
Hilarious over-the-board vignettes, top-flight instruction in every phase of the game,
informative book reviews, articles on history, politics and great games - you get 54
pieces from the chess world's most important writers and players.
The authors are top grandmasters and award-winning journalists: champions like Lev
Alburt,Tony Miles, Genna Sosonko and Hans Ree; famous teachers like Bruce
Pandolfini and Mark Dvoretsky; popular columnists like Gary Lane and Tim Harding;
intrepid investigators of chess curiosities and history like Tim Krabbe and Edward
ChessCafe - - one of the most popular chess websites in the
world, earned the U.S. Chess Federation's highest award for journalism in 2002.
More than that, it has won the accolades and devotion of readers around the world.
Heroic Tales: The Best of 1996-2001 collects a gourmet buffet from
the four-star offerings at ChessCafe.
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