Djuric/Komarov/Pantaleoni, Chess Opening Essentials Vol. 4

Djuric/Komarov/Pantaleoni, Chess Opening Essentials Vol. 4
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Chess Opening Essentials is an accessible primer and a reference book at the same time. It gives... mehr
Produktinformationen "Djuric/Komarov/Pantaleoni, Chess Opening Essentials Vol. 4"
Chess Opening Essentials is an accessible primer and a reference book at the same time. It gives a flavour of how every opening works and explains the similarities with other openings as well as the differences. In addition, it also points at the various middlegame plans that apply after the opening has ended. Grandmasters Dimitri Komarov and Stefan Djuric, and International Master Claudio Pantaleoni do not propagate forcing tactical variations to be memorized mechanically, but explain what you should actually be trying to achieve when playing the opening of your choice. They include the main alternative responses and give clear indications for further study.

This thorough, understandable, and very readable manual gives you a foundation on which to build your repertoire. Beginning and improving chess players should get this powerful book before they buy any other chess opening book!

Chess Opening Essentials
* Helps beginners to develop a solid understanding of fundamental opening ideas
* Gives casual players the ability to choose the opening that suits their style and taste
* A tool for club players to test and review their opening repertoire
* A reference book to which advanced players keep returning.


Preface 5

Glossary of chess symbols 6

Introduction 9

1.Ng1-f3 Ng8-f6
1.Ng1-f3 d7-d5
Réti Opening 1.Ng1-f3 d7-d5 2.c2-c4
- Kramnik's repertoire
- Reti Accepted
- Slav Formation
- Orthodox Formation
- Advance Variation

King's Indian Attack
- King's Indian Attack after 1.e4
- King's Indian Attack after 1.Ng1-f3

English Opening 1.c2-c4
- Black's minor defences

Minor defences to 1.c2-c4
English 1...Nf6
Lines with 2.Nf3
- King's Indian set-up 1 with Nf3 and ...Nf6
- Queen's Indian set-up 1
- Romanishin Variation
Lines with 2.Nc3
- The Grünfeld set-up
- King's Indian set-up 2 with ...Nf6 but without Nf3
Defences with 2...e6
- Queen's Indian set-up 2
- Nimzo-Indian set-up
- Flohr-Mikenas System
Symmetrical English 1.c2-c4 c7-c5
- Four Knights Variation
- Asymmetrical Variation
- Rubinstein Variation
- Keres System
- Hedgehog System
- Double Fianchetto Variation
English 1...e5
- Shirov Variation 2...Bb4
- King's Indian set-up 3
- Four Knights Variation
- Four Knights Variation with 4.g3
Minor Openings
- Benko Opening 1. g2-g3
- Larsen Opening 1. b2-b3
- Bird's Opening 1. f2-f4
- Van Geet Opening 1. Nb1-c3
Rare and Very Rare Openings
Rare Openings
- Sokolsky Opening 1. b2-b4
- Grob Attack 1. g2-g4
- Mieses Opening 1. d2-d3
- Van 't Kruijs Opening 1. e2-e3
- Anderssen Opening 1. a2-a3
Very Rare Openings
- Saragossa Opening 1. c2-c3
- Clemenz Opening 1. h2-h3
- Amar Opening 1. Ng1-h3
- Durkin Opening 1. Nb1-a3
- Reagan Attack 1. h2-h4
- Ware Opening 1. a2-a4
- 1. f2-f3

Index of Players
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