Chessbase, D'Costa-Murphy - Queens Gambit Declined

Chessbase, D'Costa-Murphy - Queens Gambit Declined
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The Queens Gambit Declined (known as the QGD ) is the Mr. Reliable of responses to 1.d4. A... mehr
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The Queens Gambit Declined (known as the QGD ) is the Mr. Reliable of responses to 1.d4. A favourite of many of the world champions, both past and present, its reputation has never been called into question. After the moves 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 - black sets up a solid centre and plays in a classical style; intending simple development, and quick castling to maintain central control. The QGD is a favourite of both club and professional players alike, due to the lack of forcing lines and the chances to outplay your opponent using superior middlegame strategies. Simply put - watch this DVD and your general chess understanding will improve! In this second edition of the Master & Amateur style ChessBase DVD in English, International Master Lorin D Costa and chess-software expert Nick Murphy take you through the main ideas of the QGD in an easy to understand, conversational style. In this DVD they examine:

1) The Tartakower and Lasker Defences
2) The dangerous exchange variation
3) Bf4 lines
4) Other attempts v the QGD e.g. the Catalan

The Master and Amateur series gives you the advantage of having chess expert training, alongside an amateur player asking the type of questions that YOU want to ask.

Video running time: 7 hours 28 min. (English)
With interactive training including video feedback
Exclusive training database with 50 essential games
Including CB 12 Reader

Lorin D Costa is an International Master from London, England. He is a professional chess coach and author of three chess books. He has coached some of England s best young talent, and the England youth squad at both the World and European Youth Championships, with pupils winning medals at these prestigious events.
Nick Murphy is an actor and chess enthusiast - and an acknowledged chess software expert. Born in Yorkshire and living in London, he has released two DVDs: Guide to ChessBase & Guide to Fritz and regularly provides videos for on how to get the most from new ChessBase software.
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