Pedersen, Test your Chess

Pedersen, Test your Chess
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160 Seiten, 250 Diagramme, kartoniert. This book offers a variety of entertaining and... mehr
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160 Seiten, 250 Diagramme, kartoniert. This book offers a variety of entertaining and thought-provoking exercises in fundamental chess skills.
The first half of the book tests the reader s ability in each part of the game. Opening Exercises test the reader s ability to develop harmoniously and to find creative solutions in the first part of the game.
The middlegame section assesses the reader s proficiency at making decisions relating to attack and defence, prophylactic thinking and finding the correct plan.
The endgame challenges focus on the basic essential knowledge that often decides real-life games. The second half of the book is comprised of "How Good is Your Chess" exercises, where the reader is asked to follow one side through a complete game, trying to guess each move as if playing a real game. Points are awarded according to the accuracy of the reader s decisions. Full, detailed solutions are given to all exercises.
This book will help players of all standards to identify their strengths and to pinpoint areas of their play that need more attention. It contains a variety of exercises in formats that are known to be popular with chessplaysers. These exercises touch upon all the main aspects of practical chess.
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