Marin, Learn from the Legends

Marin, Learn from the Legends
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It is well known that every World Champion has contributed to the continuous development of... mehr
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It is well known that every World Champion has contributed to the continuous development of chess thinking and strategy. Symbolically it was the first World Champion Wilhelm Steinitz who founded modern chess with his groundbreaking thoughts about positional chess as governed by a set of laws, and not only the brilliance of individual players. A laterWorld Champion,Jose Raul Capablanca, explained that the study of the endgame is not only relevant to the endgame, but to chess in general. In the endgame we can study each piece in its pure form and gain a more intimate understanding of their individual properties. This understanding will benefit the active chess player in every part of the game.The highly successful trainer Mark Dvoretsky focuses strongly an studying the endgame. In this ambitious work Mihail Marin examines and explains the contribution from the chess legends who influenced him strongly in his own development.This personal and sympathetic journey into the best chess of yesterday is guaranteed to help the readers in their games. As we all know: those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The chapters in this book discusses:
Rubinstein's excellent rook endgame technique.
Alekhine's expertise with the heavy pieces.
Botvinnik's ability for deep analysis.
Tal's handling of heavy pieces vs. minor pieces.
Petrosian's positional exchange sacrifices.
Fischer's strength with the king's bishop.
Karpov's handling of bishops with opposite colours.
Korchnoi the rebel.

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