Stohl, Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces


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317 Seiten, 350 Diagramme, kartoniert, 1. Auflage, 2001. Igor Stohl has selected 50 outstanding games from recent years and analysed them in painstaking depth. Here he presents his findings to chess enthusiasts, who will find the games entertaining and the annotations both instructive and illuminating. Stohl is an outstanding theoretical expert, so the opening phase of each game reads like a lesson in the key strategic aspects of the opening played, with an up-to-date survey of current trends. The middlegame is dissected and the critical decisions subjected to scrutiny by an author who invites readers inside his laboratory to join him in his quest for the truth. The endgame phase, if reached, is handled with similar erudition, with insights into the grandmaster s approach to questions of technique.

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