Heisman, Looking for Trouble

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This book is written to address an underemphasized area of chess training and study, the identification of and reaction to threats.

For beginner and intermediate-level players, the study of tactics is paramount. Almost all tactics books take the approach of providing a position where there is a forced win, checkmate or draw.

However, Looking for Trouble takes a different tack. This book helps you to recognize threats by providing over 200 problems in which you focus on identifying and meeting threats ranging from extremely easy to fiendishly difficult. But even the identification of difficult threats and sometimes more importantly how to meet them is discussed in a manner that should greatly benefit players of all levels.

Dan Heisman is an experienced instructor and author. His previous works include Everyone s Second Chess Book and A Parent s Guide to Chess. His monthly column Novice Nook is one of the most popular at www.ChessCafe.com.

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