Gufeld, Exploiting Small advantages


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144 Seiten, kartoniert, 2001
Today, chess players are better informed than ever before and have a greater appreciation of good chess play. As a consequence, games between players who are roughly equal in strength tend to be close run - with the result often depending on the exploitation of a small advantage.
But how many full or half points have been squandered because a player was unable to convert a small material or positional advantage, or did not make full use of the drawing tendencies of opposite-coloured bishops, or failed to hold a defensible position because of impatience or panic
This book shows the reader how to recognise and realise even the smallest of advantages, how to find compensation in uneven alignments of forces, and how to hang on resourcefully while in a slightly inferior position. All of which will mean more points on the scoreboard!
Eduard Gufeld, originally from the Ukraine, is a globetrotting grandmaster currently living in America. A witty and popular character, he is well known for his lively chess writings and lectures, aimed at club players.

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