Marovic,Understanding Pawn Play in Chess


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208 Seiten, 220 Diagramme, kartoniert, 2000. Chess owes its extraordinary strategic depth to pawns. These humble pieces can take on many roles in the chess struggle. They can be blockers, battering-rams, self-sacrificing heroes, and can even be promoted to the ranks of royalty. On the other hand, if mishandled, they can be weak and provide targets for enemy attack.
In this book, experienced grandmaster and trainer Drazen Mrovic elucidates the pawn s multi-faceted nature. By investigating high-quality games from grandmaster practice, he provides the reader with an armoury of pawn-play concepts that will help him or her to make the right judgements at the board.
The book includes chapters on

isolated pawns
hanging pawns
passed pawns
doubled pawns
backward pawns

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