Dunnington, 101 Winning Chess Strategies

Dunnington, 101 Winning Chess Strategies
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128 Seiten, kartoniert, 1999. Without strategy, a chess game is just a series of tactical... mehr
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128 Seiten, kartoniert, 1999. Without strategy, a chess game is just a series of tactical tricks. A good strategy binds together the tactics, and enables a player to make methodical progress towards victory.
This book makes sure you will never be short of winning strategies. Angus Dunnington utilizes his many years of chess playing and training to provide an arsenal of ideas that can be employed in many types of position. These plans have been proven in many grandmaster games, so you can be sure that by using them your game will be soundly based.

Attacking and defensive strategies
Guidance on when to adopt particular plans
Lessons from grandmaster games distilled into user-friendly form
Tips from an Olympiad trainer

International Master Angus Dunnington is one of England's most productive authors, with a string of well-researched, user-friendly books to his credit. He has written a regular column in the Yorkshire Post for more than 15 years.

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