Hellsten, Mastering Opening Strategy

Hellsten, Mastering Opening Strategy
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Study brings wisdom. Practice brings perfection This is the eagerly awaited follow-up to Johan... mehr
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Study brings wisdom. Practice brings perfection

This is the eagerly awaited follow-up to Johan Hellsten s acclaimed Mastering Chess Strategy. In this new book Hellsten focuses exclusively on opening play. He examines a wide variety of key subjects, including development, the centre, attack and defence, pawn breaks, typical mistakes and how to punish them, and opening preparation, providing the reader with a vital foundation in opening strategy. Just like his previous book Mastering Opening Strategy is a product of Hellsten s many years work as a full-time chess teacher and is specifically designed as part of a structured training programme to improve strategic thinking. In addition to the many examples there s an abundance of carefully selected exercise games which allow readers to monitor their progress and put into practice what they have just learned. Following such a course is an ideal way for players of all standards to improve. Although designed mainly for students, this book is also an excellent resource for chess teachers and trainers.

An essential course in opening strategy

Contains over 350 pages of Grandmaster advice

Includes over 200 examples and exercise games




1. The Nature of Development

The king and other weak points
Pawn advances
Causes of a delayed development
The development factor after mutual castling
A defender's perspective

2. Crime and Punishment

Early pawn-grabbing
Early queen raids
Multiple moves with the same piece
Exposure of the king
Premature attacks
Ignorance and indifference

3. The Battle for the Centre

Pawn centre
Centre controlled by a piece
Centre controlled at distance
Pawn breaks
Flank advances
The role of the centre

4. Restriction

Restriction of castling
Restriction of specific pieces
More restriction methods
Restriction of plans

5. A Few Words on Opening Preparation

Building an opening repertoire
Plans, set-ups, guidelines and move orders
Maintaining your repertoire
Preparing for your opponents

Index of players

Index of openings
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