Gaprindashvili, Critical Moments in Chess

Gaprindashvili, Critical Moments in Chess
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A unique exploration of those pivotal moments in which chess games are won or lost if you know... mehr
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A unique exploration of those pivotal moments in which chess games are won or lost if you know how to spot them

Packed with invaluable tips and tricks on identifying critical moments, illustrated with examples from 280 chess games

Fascinating new book from the author of Imagination in Chess, which has built up a cult following in the chess world

This exciting and unique book deals with an aspect of chess that is hard to pin down: those monumental moments in a game when the tide turns and the course of the game is altered. It outlines the different types of critical moment, explaining how to spot them and, crucially, how to combat them, seize the initiative and turn the game to your own advantage. To back up the theory, the author has provided deep analysis of 280 chess positions from games by some of the greatest players in the world.


From the Author

1 Critical moments
2 Critical moments: struggle and capture of the initiative
3 Critical moments: development of the initiative, creation of an attack
4 Critical moments: obtaining and retaining the advantage; creation of counterplay; taking over the initiative from the opponent, etc.
5 Critical moments: delivering the decisive blow

6 Exercises

Solutions to Exercises

Index of Players
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