McDonald, Chess Success: Planning after the Opening

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There are plenty of chess books that cover openings, but not so many that tell you what to do next.

Every player has encountered problems once the opening phase of the game has ended, and this book provides solutions. Renowned chess author Neil McDonald guides you through a selection of over 40 recent instructive and entertaining Grandmaster games, all of which illustrate how sound planning and a clear head can help you through that crucial post-opening phase.

As McDonald explains: "Everyone learns variations in the openings, but rarely do they pause to reflect on the connection between the moves played and the underlying strategic demands of the postion. Instead it's moves, moves and more moves."

About the Author
Neil McDonald is an International Grandmaster and a prolific chess author and trainer. Previous Batsford titles include The Art of Planning in Chess, Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking, The Sicilian Bb5 Revealed, and The Benko Gambit Revealed.

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