Gallagher, 101 Attacking Ideas


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128 Seiten, kartoniert, 2000. Do you find yourself in good attacking positions, but then fail to land the killer blow Or do you find it hard to decide where to attack when you have a promising position Do you sometimes analyse inefficiently, and so get caught by tricks you could have foreseen
If so, this book can help. Grandmaster Gallagher, a well-known attacking player, provides a plethora of ideas to help you root out the enemy king whenever you have the chance. He shows how to mate an exposed king, how to and what to sacrifice, and how to spot key weaknesses.
However, there is much more to attacking play than sacrifices and mating combinations. This book contains tips on how to develop your attack, and explains typical aggressive build-ups. Gallagher also reveals when it is wiser to go for a positional onslaught, with guidance on the queenside minority attack and other less violent attacking methods.

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