Burnett, Streetfighting Chess

Burnett, Streetfighting Chess
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Streetfighting Chess is the exciting new book from three times East of Scotland Champion, Andrew... mehr
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Streetfighting Chess is the exciting new book from three times East of Scotland Champion, Andrew Burnett.

A practical guide to attacking chess for club strength players, Streetfighting Chess will show how an aggressive approach to all aspects of the game can and will gain points. Moreover, it is designed to install in the reader a new sense of adventure and, importantly, increased enjoyment of the game.

Review by Geoff Chandler - www.chessedinburgh.co.uk

I cannot stress enough what a joy it is to read a book on chess written by someone who can actually write.

Brilliant games, Well written honest notes, Thought provoking comments.

The average club player will definitely learn something from this book and enjoy every moment.

This book throws out useful tit-bits of advice on practically every page. The club player who seems stuck in a rut is in for a right slap across the face. But, it will be an enjoyable slap across the face. It will sting. But when was the last time you read a chess book that kicked the living daylights out of everything you thought you knew. Enjoy the moment. You will soon be doing the kicking.

The real reason why any chess book should be written must be to entertain and enlighten the reader. This book ticks all the boxes. Very highly recommended.
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