Ippolito/Hilton, Wojo's Weapons Vol. 1

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The late Aleksander Wojtkiewicz was one of the most feared players in the U.S. tournament circuit. Using his dynamic, Catalan-based opening repertoire, the "Polish Magician" won hundreds of tournaments before his untimely death in 2006.
Now, Wojtkiewicz experts IM Dean Ippolito and NM Jonathan Hilton have joined forces to produce the definitive "how-to" manual for learning Wojo's repertoire with White after 1.Nf3 d5.

Over the course of 75 fully annotated games, the authors make Wojtkiewicz's approach easily accessible to the chess public for the first time.

* Club players looking to master an efficient, safe, and practical White repertoire will benefit from the authors' full explanations of key ideas
* Titled players will find up-to-date theoretical coverage of all the lines presented, including the authors' own novelties and little-known ideas.
* Experts looking to achieve the master title will benefit most from the thorough treatment of middlegame and endgame ideas.

Wojo's Weapons is arranged so that you can quickly get started winning the Wojo way. This book is your tool to building a world-class repertoire and to achieving positional mastery.



Introduction: The "Wojo System"

Part I: The Closed Catalan

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Closed Catalan
Chapter 2: The Closed Catalan with 4...Bb4+
Chapter 3: Assembling the Repertoire

Part II: The Open Catalan

Chapter 4: The Delayed Open Catalan with 7.Ne5! Nc6
Chapter 5: The Delayed Open Catalan with 7.Ne5! c5 (and others)
Chapter 6: The Early Open Catalan with 5...Nc6
Chapter 7: The Early Open Catalan with 5...c5
Chapter 8: The Early Open Catalan with 5...a6 6.Ne5 Bb4+
Chapter 9: The Early Open Catalan with 5...a6 6.Ne5 c5
Chapter 10: The Early Open Catalan with 5...b5 or 5...c6
Chapter 11: The Early Open Catalan - Others (5...Bb4+, 5...Nbd7, 5...Bd7)

Part III: The Slav Defense

Chapter 12: The Slav Defense with 4.Qc2 dxc4
Chapter 13: The Slav Defense with 4.Qc2 g6
Chapter 14: Semi-Slav Hybrids with 1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 c6

Part IV: Black's Other Defenses

Chapter 15: The Queen's Gambit Accepted
Chapter 16: The Tarrasch
Chapter 17: Systems with 2...Bf5
Chapter 18: The Chigorin
Chapter 19: The Austrian Defense

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