Hansen, Gambit Guide to the English Opening with 1...e5


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Gambit 1999, 176 Seiten, kart.
The 1...e5 systems of the English Opening lead to positions rich in tactical an strategic subtleties, making them suitable for players of all standards and temperaments.
These lines have not been properly covered in chess literature for twenty years, and this thoroughly-researched book fills a gaping void.
The main systems covered include the Reversed Dragon, where the position is balanced on a tactical knife-edge; the tense Closed lines, where Black adopts a King's Indian set-up; the fashionable lines with a very early ...Bb4; and the main lines of the English Four Knights, as used in many top-level games.
The unique GAMBIT system makes it easy to use the book to the maximum practical advantage. 'Quick Summaries' introduce the main themes of each system, where appropriate suggesting a coherent repertoire of reliable lines. Then comes detailed, unbiased coverage of all the critical lines, for reference and detailed study. Whether you're looking for a quick introduction to an opening system for surprise use, a refresher course in a favourite opening or to research an opening deeply, the GAMBIT Guide is the ideal choice.
Carsten Hansen is a young FIDE Master from Denmark. He has a wealth of experience at international level, and a reputation as an original thinker and thorough researcher.

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