Watson/Burgess, Chess Opening for Kids

Watson/Burgess, Chess Opening for Kids
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For chess-players of all ages and abilities, it is vital to get off to a good start. This simple... mehr
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For chess-players of all ages and abilities, it is vital to get off to a good start. This simple guide provides all the tips and ideas needed to play purposefully from move one. That's because these 50 Mighty Openings are the very ones used by chess masters and grandmasters to outwit opponents time and again.

This book teaches the names and starting moves of all the main chess openings, and explains the basic ideas. Beginners will learn how to position their pieces for maximum impact. More experienced players will discover some remarkable tactical and strategic themes that are vital for chess mastery.

Throughout the book, numerous devastating opening traps are highlighted. You will have fun posing difficult problems for your opponent - whether a friend, a chess-club rival or your Dad!

Chess Openings for Kids makes learning the chess openings fun. Playing these powerful openings helps develop an understanding of how the pieces work together. Soon you will be able to play strong moves in any opening position, and approach every game with confidence - and success.

International Master John Watson is a former US National High School Chess Champion. He is arguably the world's foremost writer on chess openings, and the author of award-winning books on chess strategy. FIDE Master Graham Burgess has written more than twenty chess books, ranging from general guides to works on specific openings. He also holds the world record for marathon blitz chess playing.



Algebraic Notation

How to Play the Opening

The 50 Mighty Openings

1) Giuoco Piano
2) Evans Gambit
3) Two Knights Defence
4) King's Gambit
5) Danish Gambit and Centre Game
6) Göring and Latvian Gambits
7) Bishop's Opening and Vienna Game
8) Scotch Game
9) Philidor Defence
10) Petroff Defence
11) Ruy Lopez: Introduction
12) Ruy Lopez: Closed Main Lines
13) Ruy Lopez: Marshall Attack
14) Ruy Lopez: Open Spanish
15) Alekhine Defence
16) Scandinavian Defence
17) Caro-Kann Defence
18) French Defence: Introduction
19) French Defence: 3 Nc3 Main Lines
20) Sicilian Defence: Introduction
21) Closed Sicilian and Grand Prix Attack
22) Alapin (c3) Sicilian
23) Morra Gambit
24) Bb5 Sicilian 25) Open Sicilian: Introduction
26) Sicilian Dragon
27) Sicilian Najdorf
28) Sveshnikov Sicilian
29) Queen's Gambit Accepted
30) Classical Queen's Gambit Declined
31) Tartakower and Modern Lines
32) Queen's Gambit Exchange Variations
33) Tarrasch Defence
34) Chigorin and Albin Counter-Gambit
35) Slav
36) Semi-Slav
37) London, Colle and Trompowsky
38) Dutch Defence
39) Modern Benoni and Benko Gambit
40) King's Indian: Introduction
41) King's Indian: Main Lines
42) Grünfeld Defence: Introduction
43) Exchange Grünfeld
44) Queen's Indian and Bogo-Indian
45) Nimzo-Indian: Introduction
46) Nimzo-Indian: Main Lines
47) Reversed Sicilian
48) Symmetrical English
49) Assorted English Lines
50) Reti Opening

Test Your Opening Knowledge

Test Your Opening Skills

Test Solutions

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