Hansen, Back to Basics: Openings

Hansen, Back to Basics: Openings
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Because of the sheer volume of variations, possible transpositions and ever-changing theory,... mehr
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Because of the sheer volume of variations, possible transpositions and ever-changing theory, chess openings can be overwhelming even intimidating. This book is an introduction to understanding and playing chess openings.

The author, Danish Master Carsten Hansen, stresses opening play based on comprehending opening principles as well as useful, fundamental knowledge.

With an overview of all the most important opening variations, examples of good and bad opening play, opening traps and problems to solve, chess openings and its major principles are covered thoroughly.

Many games are lost as a result of a player s poor grasp of even the most basic principles of opening play. This book will help you enhance your understanding and give you guidelines on how to best study and play chess openings, reaching good, playable middlegame positions.

Danish FIDE Master Carsten Hansen is a well-known chess writer with many well-received books on chess openings and positional play to his credit. He is a regular columnist at ChessCafe.com, where he specializes in reviewing new opening books


Author's Dedication; Bibliography 4

Introduction 5

1 My Own Experiences with Openings 8

2 Opening Principles 13

3 How do I Decide which opening to choose 30

4 An Introduction to Opening Theory 34

5 The Open Games 39

6 The Semi-Open Games 84

7 The Closed Games 141

8 The Semi-Closed Games 167

9 Flank Openings 207

10 Where do I go from here 231

Index of Names and Variations 236
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