Lipnitsky, Questions of Modern Chess Theory

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Questions of Modern Chess Theory is the lost masterpiece of Soviet chess literature. It was written by a double Ukrainian Champion, and published in the Soviet Union in 1956. Russian experts say it is one of the most influential chess books of the 20th century, yet it has never been published in English.

Questions of Modern Chess Theory has been edited to make it useful for the 21st century and is now accessible for the first time to an English-speaking audience.

Isaac Lipnitsky was a major player on the Soviet chess scene just after World War Two, strong enough to take the scalps of Keres, Smyslov and Petrosian. He would no doubt have been a household name had he not tragically passed away at a young age in 1959.


Preface Isaac Lipnitsky and his Super-Book, by Efim Lazarev 5
Foreword by Anatoly Karpov 9
Foreword by the UK Publisher 10
Introduction 11
Chapter 1 On the Opening 12
Chapter 2 The Centre 14
Chapter 3 The Centre and the Flanks 37
Chapter 4 Conquering the Centre from the Flanks 52
Chapter 5 Mobilizing the Pieces 58
Chapter 6 Evaluating the Position 73
Chapter 7 The Concrete Approach 81
Chapter 8 From Critical Positions to Settled Positions 88
Chapter 9 Positional Flair 98
Chapter 10 Plans in the Opening 109
Chapter 11 The Initiative 122
Chapter 12 Modern Gambits 131
Chapter 13 Opening and Middlegame 153
Chapter 14 Reevaluation of Values 167
Chapter 15 How Long Does a "Novelty" Last 178
Chapter 16 How Is an Innovation Born 182
Index of Games and Fragments 186
Appendix: Selected Games of Isaac Lipnitsky 188
Index of Opponents 229

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