Cox, The Berlin Wall

Cox, The Berlin Wall
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The Berlin variation of the Spanish is one of the most popular openings among world class... mehr
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The Berlin variation of the Spanish is one of the most popular openings among world class players. After 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 Black can play a completely sound opening based mainly on understanding rather than memorizing theory.
Many opening books make this claim, but the scarcity of forcing lines in the Berlin mean that in this case it is true. The trick is to gain the requisite understanding, and this is where John Cox s eloquent prose comes into its own.
After reading Cox's explanations it will be clear why this robust opening has gained the nickname The Berlin Wall.

· Expert guidance on one of the soundest openings
· Play the opening that Kramnik used to dethrone Kasparov
· A trustworthy opening that requires little memorization of theory

The structure from this opening book is rather different but very understandable in the context of this particular (strategic) opening: the first 58 pages deal with typical Berlin Endgames, followed by 60 pages on positional themes. Only in the last 184 pages the theory proper is being analysed.

John Cox is a lawyer and International Master from London. He is an experienced author whose previous books have received high praise.


Bibliography 5

Part I Understanding the Berlin Wall 7

Chapter 1 Positional Introduction 9

Chapter 2 Typical Berlin Endings

Pawn Endings 17
Knight Endings 19
Knight vs. dark-squared Bishop 20
Knight vs. light-squared Bishop 22
Bishop vs. Knight 23
Bishops of the same Colour 28
Opposite-coloured Bishops 37
Rook Endings 43
Dark-squared Bishops & Knights 47
Opposite-coloured Bishops & Knights 49
Two Knights vs. Bishop & Knight 51
The Two Bishops 56
Rooks & dark-squared Bishops 57
Rook & Knight vs. Rook & Queen's Bishop 59
Rook & Knight vs. Rook & King's Bishop 62
Double-rook Endings 63
Rooks & Bishops of opposite Colours 65
Endings with three Minor Pieces each 70
Chapter 3 Positional Themes
The e6 Break 75
Sacrificing e5 80
Attacks with the Rook Pawns 84
The Nd6/f6+ Trick 89
The Exchange Sacrifice 90
Capturing on d5 93
The g4 Trick 95
The Classical Blockade Set-up 96
Black's ...Nd4 103
Correct and incorrect handling of Black's Queenside Pawns 104
Black's ...Kc6! 105
Restraining g4 - forestalling it with ...h5-h4 106
Striking back with ...h5 after g4 110
Black's ...g5 Thrust 112
Black's ...f6 Break 119
...f5: Blockade or Counterattack 123
Black's ...c4 Break: a Controversial Undoubling 125
Black's ...b5 Break 127
Developing Black's Rook with ...a5 128
Black's ...Nxe5 Trick 129
Black's ...Bxc3 130
Black's early King Activation 132

Part 2 The Theory of the Berlin Wall 135

Chapter 4 ...Ne7 Systems without h3 137

Chapter 5 ...Ne7 Systems with h3 155

Chapter 6 ...Ne7 Systems without an immediate ...Ng6 177

Chapter 7 ...Bd7 Systems 201

Chapter 8 ...Be7 Systems 229

Chapter 9 Berlin Endgame: White Alternatives and Miscellaneous Black Systems 253

Chapter 10 White Plays 4.d3 277

Chapter 11 Other White Tries 291

Index of Variations 319

Index of Theoretical Games 328
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