Khalifman, Opening for White according to Anand vol. 14

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This volume is devoted to the variations of the Najdorf Sicilian arising after the moves 6.Be3 Ng4 and 6.Be3 e5.

It is possible that nowadays these lines are no longer the main focus of theoretical attention, yet only a few years ago their correct evaluation and treatment were absolutely crucial for opening theory in general. However, as we all know very well, fashion in the theory of the openings is so fickle that critical new evaluations and reassessments of these variations might arise at any moment. I wrote a lot about the Najdorf, both in general and also quite concretely, in the foreword to the previous volume, so I do not want to repeat it all here. Nevertheless, I should like to share some of my ideas with you. I believe that all true Najdorf fans with Black place the pawn on e6 only if that move is absolutely forced. Thus the players with White who develop their bishop to e3 need to be better prepared for the lines that we shall analyze in this book than for the variations arising after 6.Be3 e6. Admittedly this is a purely subjective opinion on my part, because it is not always so easy to distinguish the true Najdorf player from a Scheveningen adherent in disguise. To cut a long story short, however, I believe that any player who goes in for such complicated variations needs to be completely prepared for everything.

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