Donaldson/Silman, Sicilian Accelerated Dragon


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320 Seiten, kartoniert, 1998. Many players are attracted to the Dragon Sicilian, but are put off by the fierce mating attacks that White can launch. In the Accelerated Dragon, Black aims for an improved version, saving a move with his queen's pawn. If White tries to ignore the difference, Black's instant detonation of the centre will come as an unwelcome cold shower!
The authors show that White's main reply, the Maroczy Bind, is not so fearsome as was once thought. Black has many ways to break out, while quite often it is possible to manoeuvre around White's 'binding' pawns and show that they imprison White's pieces as much as they do Black's.

Written by two outstanding experts on the Accelerated Dragon
Complete coverage of all lines of the Accelerated Dragon
Many ideas for breaking the critical Maroczy Bind

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