Moskalenko, The Perfect Pirc-Modern

Moskalenko, The Perfect Pirc-Modern
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The Pirc Defence and the Modern Defence are two naturally entwined chess openings that are both... mehr
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The Pirc Defence and the Modern Defence are two naturally entwined chess openings that are both flexible and rich in strategic and tactical ideas. They feature in the repertoire of great players like Kramnik, Grischuk and Ivanchuk, and are equally popular at club level.

In The Perfect Pirc-Modern, Viktor Moskalenko, a renowned propagator of dynamic play who has championed the Pirc-Modern for many years, presents and explains:

the similarities and differences between the Pirc and the Modern Defence
the ideas and plans that really matter
the various pawn structures and how to handle them
tricky transpositions: opportunities and risks
a wealth of new resources in well-known lines (for both Black and White)
countless novelties.

Moskalenko expertly guides you through this ground-breaking opening book with the enthusiasm, the ease and the humour that characterize his style.

Viktor Moskalenko (1960) is an International Grandmaster and a well-known chess coach. The former Ukrainian champion has won many tournaments in Spain, his new home country. He is the author of The Fabulous Budapest Gambit (2007), The Flexible French (2008), Revolutionize Your Chess (2009) and The Wonderful Winawer (2010).


Foreword by Vassily Ivanchuk

Introduction by the Author

Chapter 1 - The Austrian Attack: Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Austrian Attack: 5. ..c5
Chapter 3 - The Austrian Attack: 5. ..0-0
Chapter 4 - The Flexible Move 4.Be3
Chapter 5 - The Dynamic Bishop Attack 4.Bg5
Chapter 6 - White´s Fianchetto: 4.g3
Chapter 7 - The Classical 4.Nf3
Chapter 8 - Amadeus - Miscellaneous Ideas

Index of Variations

Explanation of Symbols

Index of Names

Game Index


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