McDonald, French Winawer


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Everyman, 2000, 146 Seiten, kart.
In this book Grandmaster Neil McDonald takes a fresh look at the highly fashionable Winawer variation of the French Defence, a favourite of Nigel Short, Boris Gulko and numerous other grandmasters. This sharp opening leads to the kind of dynamic positions in which the better prepared and more aggressive player will invariably prevail. Leading expert Neil McDonald explains the strategy and tactics of this exciting opening in a clear and concise manner.
Up-to-date coverage of one of the most popular modern opening variations
Written by Grandmaster Neil McDonald, one of England's most popular chess authors
Provides everything you need to start playing the French Winawer straightaway
Ideal battle manual for club and tournament players
Grandmaster Neil McDonald has a string of international tournament victories to his credit. He is highly regarded as a chess coach and is the author of several popular opening books including Dutch Leningrad.

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