Pedersen, The Meran System


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192 Seiten, 200 Diagramme, kartoniert, 2000. A user-friendly guide to a chess opening that occupies an important place in the repertoires of many of the world's top players; Anand, Kramnik, Kasparov and Karpov regularly take one side or the other. Expert knowledge counts for a great deal in these positions. This book provides the most detailed coverage to date of the Meran, together with several related variations, and the various Anti-Meran options available to White.

Black allows White a central pawn-majority but immediately hits back by setting his queenside pawns in motion. Matters come to a head quickly as the two sides strive to make the most of their strategic assets. Frequently, a burst of tactics gives rise to an anbalanced middle game (or endgame!) with chances for both sides. Expert knowledge counts for a great deal in these positions.

The Meran is an opening rich in both strategy and tactics, making it an attractive choice for players seeking to win with either colour. Together with the author's The Botvinnik Semi-Slav, this book provides complete coverage of the Semi-Slav, the most combative line of the Queen's Gambit.

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