Storey, The Sniper

Storey, The Sniper
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The Sniper is a dynamic and universal opening weapon for Black which can be used against all... mehr
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The Sniper is a dynamic and universal opening weapon for Black which can be used against all mainline openings. Black s system of development with ...g6 and ...Bg7 initially allows White to occupy the centre but, in true hypermodern style, Black strikes back immediately with ...c5. The Sniper can lead to original or barely-known positions in which Black can strive for the initiative. It s also rich in move-order possibilities, with potential transpositions into Sicilian, King s Indian or Benko-type positions.

FIDE Master Charlie Storey has spent years refining his favourite opening, successfully testing it out against players of all levels. In this book he reveals all his secrets, recommends his favourite lines for Black and provides you with everything you need to know about this fascinating opening.

- A repertoire for Black against 1 e4 and 1 d4

- Packed full of creative and original ideas

- Explains typical plans and tactics for both sides.





1) Main Line 1: Oueenside Knight - 3 Nc3 c5!
Sniper Dragons: Delaying ...0-0
Sniper Dragons: Kupreichik's ...Qb6!
Magnus Carlsen's Sicilian Dragon
The Sniper Sacrifice: 4...Bxc3+
Other Fourth Moves for White

2) Main Line 2: Kingside Knight - 3 Nf3 c5!
The 4 c4 Maroczy with ...Qb6!
White grabs the c5-pawn with 4 dxc5
White plays 4 c3
White plays 4 d5

3) White Plays 3 c3 - The Deferred Sniper
The Storey Gambit
The Main Line - White Plays 4 exd5
Less Popular Moves

4) White Grabs the Centre with 3 f4
The ...d5 Neutralizer
The f4 Schmid Benoni

5) Other 1 e4 Lines for White
Closed Sicilian versus the Sniper
Scholar's Mate-Style Attack
Grand Prix Attack versus the Sniper
1 e4 g6 2 d4 Bg7 3 Be3
1 e4 g6 2 d4 Bg7 3 Bc4

6) White Plays d4 and c4
Bermuda Triangle versus the White Arrow
The Broken Arrow: ...Bxc3!
The Sniper: Benko Style

7) Miscellaneous Lines
The English Opening: A Simple Sniper Antidote


Index of Variations

Index of Complete Games
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