Martin, King's Indian Battle Plans

Martin, King's Indian Battle Plans
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Thinkers Press 2004, 384 Seiten, kartoniert Most books on chess openings are just full of... mehr
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Thinkers Press 2004, 384 Seiten, kartoniert

Most books on chess openings are just full of variations with little in the way of guidance or plans - this huge book is different. Not only is it loaded with top notch annotated games by IM Andrew Martin, one of the world's experts on this system, but the games are peppered with hundreds of 'ideas'.
These suggestions show you new plans, or possible plans, and what happens in the current game under scrutiny. Often at the end of each game is a quick summary of what Martin assesses concerning the line which was used. The best players in the business, mostly from the last 6-7 years, are shown to be formidable masters with games that include quick wins as a strategical masterpieces. The names of Korchnoi, Kasparov, Kramnik, Fischer, Vaisser, Nunn, Topolov, Murey and many more are spread across the landscape in a vast field of possibilities.
All the lines of the KID are discussed in detail proportional to their actual use in the real world of tournament play: 4 Pawns Attack, Saemisch, Averbakh, Fianchetton, Seirwawan/Kramer/Odds & Ends, Classicals - Makagonov, Gligorich/Petrosian, Bayonet, Mar Del Plata, and others.
As a number of celebratory games are included to show you why the King's Indian Defense is so fasinating, so also is a chapter included on "How Not to Play the King's Indian Defence", replete with disasters for the unprepared. This book contains nearly 400 complete games with over 240 annotated. The power plays, the counterattacks, and the ruthlessness of this "defense" are revealed and now available in this first big book written about the King's Indian in years.
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