Khodarkovsky, The Grünfeld Defence revealed

Khodarkovsky, The Grünfeld Defence revealed
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Batsford 2003, 175 Seiten, kartoniert The first in a series of new and innovative books,... mehr
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Batsford 2003, 175 Seiten, kartoniert

The first in a series of new and innovative books, clearly presenting the key aspects of each chess opening in a fresh, entertaining and accessible way.

The aim of this series is to provide the essential knowledge to play the opening, while revealing the current thinking of the world s elite players. First Moves leads readers through the basic opening moves; Heroes & Zeroes gives the best and worst performances with the opening; Tricks & Traps reveals how you might catch out your opponent; and What s Hot pinpoints the very latest ideas from the world s elite. A detailed table in the style of ECO is given at the close of the book, summarizing the main variations with assessments.

The counter-attacking Grünfeld Defence is a favourite opening of the legendary Garry Kasparov. In this book, Kasparov s friend and confidant, International Master Michael Khodarkovsky, lets us into the secrets of Kasparov s opening preparation, explains the most important elements of Grünfeld strategy, and gives an up-to-date survey of the critical lines.
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