Lakdawala, A Ferocious Opening Repertoire

Lakdawala, A Ferocious Opening Repertoire
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Tired of playing the same old openings Bored with stuffy opening theory This book provides a... mehr
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Tired of playing the same old openings Bored with stuffy opening theory This book provides a welcome antidote!

Former American Open Champion Cyrus Lakdawala presents a range of vicious weapons for White in a repertoire which is perfect for those who have little time for study, but enjoy taking opponents out of their comfort zones and causing them problems from the very beginning.

The repertoire's backbone is provided by the aggressive Veresov Opening (1 d4, 2 Nc3 and 3 Bg5) and this weapon is accompanied by equally hostile options against other Black tries such as the French, Caro-Kann, Dutch, Benoni, Pirc and Philidor. These weapons are ideal choices for those who revel in forcing opponents into chaotic, uncomfortable positions.

* Opening weapons to shock and confound opponents
* Covers all of Black's main defences
* Includes game summaries with key points to remember.


Bibliography 4
Introduction 5
1 The Veresov: 3...Nbd7 4 f3! 10
2 The Veresov: 3...Nbd7 4 Qd3 45
3 The Veresov: Other Defences 71
4 Veresov versus French: Lines with ...Nf6 109
5 Veresov versus French: Lines without ...Nf6 130
6 1 d4 d5 2 Nc3: Second-Move Alternatives 163
7 Veresov versus Caro-Kann 188
8 Veresov versus Dutch 208
9 Modern, Pirc and Philidor 233
10 Schmid Benoni and Czech Benoni 263
11 1...Nc6 and Owen s Defence 280
Index of Variations 298
Index of Games 302
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