Seirawan, Chess Duels - My Games with the World Champions

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Four-time US Champion Yasser Seirawan provides a fascinating and highly entertaining account of his games and encounters with the world champions of chess including:

Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky, Tigran Petrosian, Mikhail Tal, Vassily Smyslov, Mikhail Botvinnik and Max Euwe.

Having been involved in frequent battles against world champions over a 25-year period, Seirawan is in an ideal position to reveal how it really feels to be facing the legends of the game.

He describes and analyses, in depth, his most memorable encounters both famous victories and painful defeats, against the best chessplayers of the last 50 years.

During this time Seirawan has also been highly active in off-the-board chess activities. This has brought him into close personal contact with many of these champions. In,"Chess Duels: My Games with the World Champions,"Seirawan recounts many stories involving these giants of the game - giving an intriguing insight into their personalities away from the board.



1 Bobby Fischer

2 The Giants

3 Vassily Smyslov

4 Mikhail Tal

5 Tigran Petrosian

6 Boris Spassky

7 Anatoly Karpov, 1975-1985

8 Garry Kasparov, 1985-2000

9 Anatoly Karpov, Post-1985

10 Garry Kasparov, Post-2000

11 The Future of the World Championship

General Index

Index of Games

Index of Openings

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