Beliavsky/Mikhalchishin, Modern Endgame Practice


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Chrysalis 2003, 208 Seiten, kartoniert.
The quality of endgame play by chess players has deteriorated in recent years - as faster time limits and a general neglect of serious study takes its toll. At times even very strong players display an ignorance of standard procedures.
However, by identifying mistakes made by grandmasters in tournament play, the authors show players - at all levels - the need for correct technique.
Included in this practical guide to endgame play are chapters on:
- realising an advantage
- shameful mistakes
- clever drawing devices
- the difficulties of defence
- bishop against knight
- the connection of the opening and the endgame
- the role of computers

Various endgames are featured but special attention is paid to rook-endings and the skills of master-technician Anatoly Karpov.

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