Rozentalis/Harley, Play the 2.c3 Sicilian


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2002, 192 Seiten, kart.
A book that guides readers in how to handle a popular variation of the Sicilian Defence, which is far and away the most popular chess opening. An intimidating body of theory has been developed around the Sicilian's main lines, in which White grants his opponent a central majority which may prove an important factor later on. Many players prefer to avoid the all-or-nothing attacks of the Open Sicilian, turning instead to the positionally sound 2 c3 line. White prepares to seize space and will develop his pieces rapidly to natural squares. Those who specialize in the 2 c3 Sicilian find it to be an excellent point-scorer, as Black has not only objective difficulties to contend with, but also has the psychological problem that he is battling just for equality, with little prospect of taking the initiative.

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