Pinski/Aargaard, Sicilian Kalashnikov


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Everyman, 2001, 176 Seiten, kart.
Coverage of all the latest theory
An ideal new weapon for club and tournament players
Written by prominent opening experts
The Kalashnikov is one of the most modern variations of the Sicilian Defence. As early as move four, Black stakes a claim in the centre and sets the tone for the rest of the game. Play can often become sharp and as is normal with many Sicilian lines, the best prepared player is usually the successful one. In this handy battle manual Jacob Aagaard and Jan Pinski take a deep look at all the critical ideas and variations of an opening which has received little coverage in chess publishing until now.
Jacob Aagaard is a young International Master from Denmark who is well on the way to obtaining the Grandmaster title. His two earlier books have been very well received by the chess playing public. The young Polish player Jan Pinski is a very promising talent and is a renowned expert on the Kalashnikov.

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