Nunn, Secrets of Rook-Endings 2.ed

Nunn, Secrets of Rook-Endings 2.ed
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352 Seiten, kartoniert a new era in chess publishing. It was the first book based on... mehr
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352 Seiten, kartoniert
a new era in chess publishing. It was the first book based on computer-generated position databases that are guaranteed to provide the actual result of a position.
However, this book is no computer print-out. It takes a human oracle to extract the useful information from this mass of data and to identify new principles to help the rest of us appreciate the key practical points. Dr. John Nunn, top-class grandmaster and renowned theoretician, performs this role admirably. He has identified where previous theory has been overturned, and where there are important new results. Dr. Nunn was also the first to reveal the general importance of the many reciprocal zugzwang positions.

The complete truth about the ending Rook and Pawn vs Rook
One of the most important and controversial chess books of the twentieth century
An essential addition to every serious chess-player s library
A new expanded edition, at an affordable price

Dr. John Nunn has been one of the world s leading grandmasters for nearly twenty years and regularly competes in both grandmaster tournaments and domestic events.

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