Ostman, Your best move

Ostman, Your best move
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I look one move ahead... the best! , Siegbert Tarrasch Chess is a wonderfully rich and complex... mehr
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I look one move ahead... the best! , Siegbert Tarrasch

Chess is a wonderfully rich and complex game, but ultimately the goal can be simply defined as consistently finding the best move. If you are able to do this, you will win your games. However, the million dollar question is: how can we give ourselves the very best chance of doing so

Per Ostman is convinced that there are three key elements: first and foremost, a structured move-by-move thinking process; second, the desired skills to execute this process; and finally, traditional chess knowledge we can build upon. Ostman examines these three vital building blocks which form the basis of what we need to master. He describes in detail a clear thinking process he has developed over several years as a chess teacher a process to guide us in our ultimate search to find the best move.

* Improve your chess by structured move selection
* Numerous examples to illustrate clear thinking processes
* Covers calculation, planning and attacking skills
* Includes opening, middlegame and endgame play.

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