Gallagher, c3 Sicilian

Gallagher, c3 Sicilian
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Everyman 1999, 144 Seiten, kart. The c3 Sicilian has been one of the most widely played... mehr
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Everyman 1999, 144 Seiten, kart.
The c3 Sicilian has been one of the most widely played openings among club and tournament players for more than a decade. It leads to dynamic play in which the better prepared player invariably comes out on top.
In this handy battle manual, highly-regarded author Grandmaster Joe Gallagher offers a comprehensive survey of the state of current theory for both White and Black players, explaining the basic elements, strategies and tactics for both sides.
Covers one of the most fashionable chess openings in current practice
Written by Grandmaster Joe Gallagher, one of Europe's leading openings experts m Ideal for club and tournament players
Joe Gallagher is the author of numerous best-selling chess books and is co-author of the definitive singlevolume openings work Nunn's Chess Openings, which is available from Everyman Chess.
"Gallagher is one of my favourite writers an opening specialist who has authored several excellent books." Leonard Barden, The Guardian
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