Ftacnik, The Sicilian Defense

Ftacnik, The Sicilian Defense
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Lubomir Ftacnik is a renowned opening analyst with great experience and expertise in the... mehr
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Lubomir Ftacnik is a renowned opening analyst with great experience and expertise in the Sicilian Defense. In this book he reveals his secrets to provide a complete repertoire for Black against 1.e4 with 1...c5. The meat of the repertoire is the Sicilian Najdorf the perennial favourite of those who want to attack with Black. It is no coincidence that Fischer, Kasparov and Anand have all relied on the Najdorf. Naturally, White s less critical tries are also covered, such as the 2.c3, 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+, and the Closed Sicilian.

Lubomir Ftacnik is a chess grandmaster from Slovakia. Despite his numerous international tournament victories, from European Junior Champion in 1977 to winning the World Open in 2008, he is most famous as an opening analyst.


Key to symbols used & Bibliography

From Russia Sicily with Love - Introduction

Minor Systems

1 Pandora s (Chess) Box - Miscellaneous 2nd moves
2 Some Like It Hot - The Morra Gambit
3 Forrest Gump - The c3-Variation

Closed Systems

4 Up Close(d) and Personal - Without g3
5 A Bridge Too Far - 3.g3

Anti-Open Systems

6 Fight Club - Various
7 Blade Runner - 3.Lb5
8 The Last Samurai - 4.Dxd4

Minor Open Lines

9 The Misfits - 6th Move Sidelines
10 Sideways - 6.g3
11 The Karate Kid - 6.h3
12 Pulp Fiction - 6.f4
13 The Rock - 6.Le2
14 Midnight Express - 6.Lc4

English Attack

15 The English Patient - 6.Le3 e5
16 Predator - Perenyi Attack: 6.Le3 e6 7.g4
17 Four Weddings and a Funeral - 6.Le3 e6 7.f3

Classic Main Line

21 License to Kill - 6.Lg5 e6
22 Blood Diamond - 6.Lg5 Sbd7

Variation index 420

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