Flear, Starting out: Open Games

Flear, Starting out: Open Games
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'Open Games' refer to a myriad of openings arising after the ever-popular 1 e4 e5: the Italian... mehr
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'Open Games' refer to a myriad of openings arising after the ever-popular 1 e4 e5: the Italian Game, the Scotch, The Two Knights Defence, the King's Gambit, the Evans Gambit, the Bishop's Opening, the Four Knights, the Petroff and much more besides. In this book, Glenn Flear goes back to basics, introducing the key moves and ideas, and taking care to explain the reasoning behind them - something that has often been neglected or taken for granted in other works. He places particular emphasis on the lines that players are most likely to face.

The Starting Out series has firmly established itself as the leading guide to studying openings for up-and-coming chess players. These books are ideal for enthusiasts who don't necessarily have extensive knowledge of the openings in question and who wish to appreciate the essential principles behind them.

User-friendly design to assist readers
Concentrates on the fundamental principles of the openings
Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players



Introduction to 1 e4 e5

The Quiet Italian
Two Knights Defence
Evans Gambit and Giuoco Piano
Four Knights Game
Scotch Game
Central Gambits
King's Gambit
Vienna Game
Other White Systems

Black Avoids 2...Nc6 - Introduction
Philidor's Defence
Petroff's Defence

Index of Variations

Index of Complete Games
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