Lapshun/Conticello, 7 Ways to smash the Sicilian

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One of the main reasons the Sicilian is the most popular opening is that is it promotes bold and aggressive chess. White will often gain a lead in development and, naturally, will want to use this as the basis for an attack. However, the Sicilian is a tough nut to crack and it s not enough to make vaguely threatening gestures you must know exactly what you are doing and use the appropriate weapons.

Seven Ways to Smash the Sicilian introduces, categorizes and studies the deadly sacrifices White has at his disposal. It s impossible to play Open Sicilian positions with either colour without an intimate knowledge of these sacrifices. Read this book and discover everything you need to know.

- An essential guide to destroying the Sicilian
- A feast of entertaining games and violent sacrifices
- Includes coverage of the main lines


Bibliography 5

Introduction 7

The Knight Sacrifice on d5 13

The Knight Sacrifice on e6 44

The Bishop Sacrifice on e6 68

The Knight Sacrifice on f5 91

The Knight Sacrifice on b5 120

The Bishop Sacrifice on b5 143

Miscellaneous Sacrifices 163

Index of Variations 179

Index of Games 187

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